September 7 - October 1 2016
Carte blanche à l'artothèque de Vitré


Exhibit curator: Isabelle Tessier, director of the Vitré Artothèque.

In partnership with the association Ville Ouverte, Les Douches la Galerie regularly gives a free hand to French artothèques [art libraries] to curate an exhibition at the gallery in order to pay tribute to the work done by the forty or so artothèques located all over France, where they play a major role in spreading contemporary art.

This year, we are pleased to welcome the Vitré artothèque. 1200 artworks can be found in its collection including prints, sculptures but above all photographs. Under the direction of Isabelle Tessier, the artothèque presents a selection of artworks by Paul Pouvreau and Edouard Prulhière at Les Douches la Galerie from September 7 to October 1st.

Press kit
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