November 7 2014 - January 10 2015


We?re happy to introduce for the first time in France the photographer Tom Arndt.
Born in Minneapolis, Tom Arndt?s photography focuses on his native Minnesota.
Belonging to the grand, classic tradition of American documentary photography, Tom Arndt?s body of work offers us a sensitive, empathetic portrayal: a family album of the people who live in his state including their coffee shops and soda fountains, their streets, their shop windows, their parks, the popular state fairs. Pessimism and pity are out of place here.

As Arndt?s friend and well known writer Garrison Keillor points out, Tom Arndt photographs the DNA of Minnesotan culture-- the poor and the left out.

Tom Arndt belongs to the silver print processing tradition; his printing is exceptionally beautiful. He spends at least several hours daily in the darkroom; he really loves the paper print. His photographs are part of numerous American museum collections.
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