March 4 - May 27 2017


Ray K. Metzker holds a special place in the history of American photography. A fixture in the best-known institutions, his work, consisting exclusively of black and white images, is completely representative of an entire generation of profoundly experimental photographers. Born in 1931, Metzker was deeply influenced by his studies at Chicago’s Institute of Design. For over fifty years he continued to innovate, often working in his dark room with only his intuition as a guide. His work on negatives evolved slowly over the course of many years. Montages, juxtaposition, multiple exposures, double exposures... Metzker set no limits on his creativity. With the generous assistance of Laurence Miller in New York, we invite you to discover the sixty prints in our exhibit, which represent a small part of the rich, fertile work of an immense American artist.

Press kit
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