Bacalaitos and Fireworks

January 20 - February 25 2017


Arlene Gottfried's photographic work "Bacalaitos and Fireworks" documents the Puerto Rican community of her native New York. For forty years, she was a frequent part of that community, which saw her beginnings in photography and which in some ways became a second family to her over the years.  This work in colour shows some of the same qualities of observation as her series "Sometimes Overwhelming" with its detached gaze that is both empathetic and tinged with humour. These photographs are directly in line with the works of Bruce Wrighton, Tom Arndt and Homer Sykes whom we champion at our gallery. The prints on display are exceptional quality period Cibachrome. It is thanks to Laurence Cornet's involvement that we have now been able to dedicate a second exhibit to Arlene Gottfried.

Press kit
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