Le monde de Sabine Weiss

May 18 - July 30 2016


We are pleased to invite you to our very first solo exhibit dedicated to Sabine Weiss. It would indeed be presumptuous of us to claim to be presenting an exhaustive portrait of her work, which has continued to grow and expand since 1942. She takes on all genres without privileging any.

Furthermore, we’ve taken pains to focus on lesser-known facets of her personality. We’ve even taken a guilty pleasure in going off the beaten path to places you’d hardly expect. Of course children are one of her favorite subjects to photograph… but there are many more. She never places more importance on the anecdotal than on sensations themselves, “ones that capture the expression of feelings”. She does not recoil at the label “humanist photographer”, but she does believe that it is too narrow for her work. All the more so because the tradition of humanist photography has had no influence whatsoever on her outlook. The only thing that has sparked her interest and nourished her throughout the years is painting. We’re sure you’ll agree that this unclassifiable and fiercely independent woman, Sabine Weiss, is a fascinating subject for our exhibit.

Press kit
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